RieberLok® gaskets are the fastest, easiest and least expensive way of field restraining ANSI/AWWA C900 pipe and fittings originally manufactured with a Rieber gasket. The gaskets are suitable for water, wastewater and other related applications.

To install, simply remove the existing Rieber gasket from the bell socket and insert the RieberLok® gasket in its place. Assemble the joint according to the procedures given in the Assembly Instruction guide or by following generally accepted procedures for PVC pipe.  The joint is now sealed and restrained for working pressures up to the rated pipe pressure.

The gaskets are available in sizes 4” – 12”. Additional sizes and applications will be available soon. RieberLok® gaskets comply with ANSI/CAN Standard and have FM approval.

There is no need to use bolts, clamps, rods, thrust blocks, or other restraining devices when you can use an easy push-on restraining RieberLok® gasket. RieberLok® gaskets are produced and tested in accordance with the applicable portions of ANSI/AWWA C900.

Please download:

RieberLok® C900 Tech Sheet

RieberLok® C909 Tech Sheet

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